In the streaming video wars, content is king. In the competition for viewers between the big three services, Netflix may have the most buzz and largest audience, Disney+ may have the marquee franchises, but Prime Video has the biggest film catalog. Prime's video streaming service currently offers over 9,000 films, while Netflix offers just over 3,800 — less than half of Prime Video's catalog (depending on the country). Not content on relying on other studios for films, however, Prime Video is now adding original titles to its library. After it launched in 2006, Prime Video built its offerings through streaming deals with studios like Lionsgate and Universal. In 2021, Amazon acquired MGM, adding some classic films to their library, including the James Bond movie franchise. In 2015, however, Prime Video premiered its very first original film from the newly-formed Amazon Studios: director Spike Lee's comedic drama Chi-Raq. Amazon Original Films now add more quality to Prime Video's quantity, with unique movies from a variety of filmmakers.