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About Neville Naidoo

Neville Naidoo hails from Durban, South Africa where he attained a law degree and has a background in legal practice. However, after discovering the magic of remote working and his love of writing, he's since worked as a ghost and content writer across multiple platforms and has written on a wide variety of topics and disciplines. Given his affinity from a young age for reading, movies, comics, and following pop culture, after joining Movieweb, he found his forever niche as a writer with a focus on movies and TV series. 

Industry Focus

Neville is a freelance writer at Movieweb. He's been with the site since January 2023, and currently writes list articles and features for one of its Evergreen teams. Neville is also a part of our "What to Watch" team, which focuses on regularly curating and updating lists for the best films and series currently available across all major streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. 

Favorite Media

Neville's favorite genre is horror, although he is a proper nerd for most things fantasy, superhero, and sci-fi related too. His favorite character of all time is Batman, with Wolverine being a very close second. Although, in the right context, he'd happily swap Muggle life for a wand or being a couch potato for a chance to sit the Iron Throne. 

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