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Fatima Ali Idrisoglu is an author, seamstress and English major who is enthusiastic about films, comics and cosplay. She also has an avid love for writing about the latest entertainment news and trends on Movieweb.

Industry Focus

Fatima Ali Idrisoglu is an Evergreen and re-publish writer at Movieweb. She has worked in this industry for more than eight years and has written for various types of publishers, such as Bayut, VeryFilmi and Brandsynario. She has also worked for as an entertainment journalist, working closely with Pakistani celebrities and film producers.

Favorite Media

From an early age, Fatima has loved watching anime, cartoons and reading Japanese manga. This includes HunterxHunter, Sailor Moon and One Piece. She is also an avid fan of the MCU, following superheroes like Iron Man and Scarlet Witch on their journey. For horror related media, she is highly addicted to The Conjuring franchise. Recently, she has discovered the potential of Korean dramas and can't go back!

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